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6:30 PM CST.

Just a little update. A Vincent birthday memoriam. Happy Birthday, Vincent. I know it's a day late, and perhaps a dollar short, as the saying goes. My apologies. A major computer issue reared its ugly head, demanding I deal with it. I've renamed my computer...Kefka. Ah well. More updates soon. Watch for it. Until later. Take care.


8:50 PM CST.

Well...pick me up and throw me down, as a friend used to exclaim to express utter shock. She also used to complain that it was hotter than a grasshopper on a freight train. Not sure how hot that is (And it sure isn't that now in the Plains States, my friends)...but...neither here nor there. Fact is, I'm back. After much feverish questing, I have finally rediscovered that invisible hole in the space-time contiuum which I inadvertently wandered through, and made it back from that crazy world where reality reigns and nothing seems right to find Legalos still ably guarding the homestead and Vincent the action figure attempting to distract Cloud the action figure long enough to steal his ride. He's got a map and girl to take on the road. All that aside, I just wanted to report that I have finally...finally...updated the Dark Gallery (well...offically...since the pages have mostly been up for a couple of weeks, if you've noticed. Truth is I had a couple of creative matters to complete and my creativity well suddenly dried up and left me with nothing but wispy cobwebs and a couple of dessicated locust shells...a ragged feather...a crunched up get the picture. Anyway, I ate a giant piece of red velvet cake and swigged a liter or two of Diet Pepsi and...recovered...seemingly. Although all evidence suggests that it merely made me...hyper. ????)

~Screeches brakes on the babbling.~

Okay, as I was saying. Lots of new art to look at in the Dark Gallery. Go check that out Here And enjoy. Domo arigato to the artisans of Vincent Valentine and, for contributing their compelling artworks to the well-deserved glorification of said man...and his love. He thanks you (crimson eyes glare), I thank you. The world thanks - Okay, maybe the ex-Turk doesn't thank you, but too bad. Tifa is grateful enough for both of them. Anyway, there will be more artworks posted ere long, and I will continue upgrading the rest of Dark Reverie. In the meantime, Feathers is currently my sole project. Do not think ye olde tale dead just yet.

Take care. Love and peace. Laters...


9:04 AM CST.

My apologies. This is merely a progress update. And to apprise you of some changes to the site. For my remarks about the progress of Feathers in the Maelstrom please go here.

Also, I wanted to let everybody know that my mailbox was down for a time. I'm not sure what was going on with the thing, but I couldn't open emails that were received over that period which extended several days. It is working now, however. Also, I didn't realize it until one day, just as I clicked my mouse on 'delete', that the mailbox had routed an email regarding Feathers into my Bulk mail. As I had gotten complacent about finding only spam mail about pharmaceuticals, sexual enhancements, mortgage loans from dubious lenders, various versions of the Nigerian scam, etc. in my bulk mail, I routinely delete the whole lot of it. Now I'm not confident I haven't deleted a few non-bulk mails. So if you've sent me an email and have not heard from me, and still wish to hear from me, you might drop me another line. I assure you I will check my bulk mail more carefully from here on out.

Lastly, I'm going to be revamping the galleries, in the Shrine and in the general galleries, and I plan to take them offline for a time as they will be a mess while I'm working on them. It's likely I will take down my poorly scanned photographs until such time that I decide to rescan them, which might be...forever. So if you are partial to any of them (although I can't imagine why) and wish to save a copy for your own personal perusal, better grab it.

That's all for the moment. Love and Peace. And...laters.


11:00 AM CST.

Hi all. I put up a little birthday page for Vin. Tis his day after all. Or...would that be Valentine's Day? Oh well, he can have them both. Check it out if you wish. And sing "Happy Birthday" to him. It's past my ya laters...

Oh yeah...I almost forgot. You can see the birthday boy here

I'm really going this time. ~Poof!~


11:54 PM CST.

Alrighty then. I've finally posted a new chapter of Feathers in the Maelstrom. Which because of its length has now split like an amoeba. So...yeah...Part 2 and Part 3 of Chapter 22 - In Your Dreams can be read right here. And here.

If you read Chapter 21: Part 2 before July 10th you might have missed the Addendum I added. You can find that passage here. Chapter 21: Part 2 Addendum

Anyways...hope ya enjoy the long read. hehheheh. Laters...


08:54 AM CST.

A new chapter of Feather in the Maelstrom is posted. Part 1 of Chapter 22: In Your Dreams can be read right here. In case you're wondering, the chapter that would have been Part 3 of Chapter 21 was morphed into Chapter 22 due to a second general theme overriding the first.

I also added a passage to Chapter 21 - Part 2 due to chronology issues. If you've read that chapter recently, you've must likely seen it. If you haven't, you'll want to read it to be up to date on events. You can read the new passage here. Chapter 21: Part 2 Addendum

Enjoy the read. Sun's up so I'm going to bed now. Nighty night.


08:13 PM CST.

I've posted a new FFVII short story, one I wrote a long time ago and decided to clean up and post. More Feathers coming soon, now that I've discovered some spare time. Don't give up in despair yet. Until then, check out "A Summer Night In Junon" here. Go read and enjoy.

Lots of beautiful new mostly VinTifacentric art in the Shrine Dark Gallery. If you haven't noticed it there yet, hie thee off to the Dark Gallery posthaste and check it out. More coming soon. So check back.

Off to work on Feathers now. Ta-ta.


02:11 AM CST.

Part 2 of Chapter 21 of Feathers in the Maelstrom is finally up, in all it's insane glory. Read here Enjoy.

Laters, Gators.


11:53 PM CST.
Yes! Despite 'Real Life' and Murphy of Murphy's Law fame conspiring against me, Part 1 of Chapter 21 is finally up. So hie thee on off to "Now or Never" land and enjoy. More to come soon.^_^

Anyways, gotta run! Lots more to finish revising! Buh bye! Oh, and Happy New Year's everybody. May it be a great one.


10:19 AM CST.
Hey all! New chapter of Carla's FFIV fanfic, "Shades of Green" is posted for your reading pleasure. Check out Chapter 7: Another Journey ASAP. More of the green-haired sorceress. More fiend hijinks. More Ninja Prince of Eblan. And that handsome Dragon man... ^_^

Anyways, gotta run! Later! Ta Ta!


9:12PM CST.
My life is Chaos. ~sigh~ Night and Day: Part 3 is at long last posted. Link is live here. Go baby! Let the madness begin! Oh yes, I've had waaaaay too much caffeine. Read on. I'm gone. Later.


8:03AM CST.
Okay everybody, Chapter 20: Part 2 is finally up. Please forgive me for the delay. An event cascade of ridiculous proportions led to the loss of my internet access for several days. I'll spare you the details. A word of advice though, when asking the phone company to fix your suddenly slow access, make sure they don't hear 'no access'. Heh heh. Anyway, I filled all that time without the net by going wild and expanding Chapter 20, which now has three parts. The third part will be up by this weekend. Come hell or high water. Until then, there's Part 2. So head on over there and start reading. Enjoy.

So catch ya later. I'm off to catch up on me email and entertain myself by deleting tons of spam. Love and Peace.


10:24 AM CST.
Well, finally! Part 1 of Night and Day is finally, finally posted. Despite an annoying number of problems with my computers. I believe Chaos has taken up residence in my home and finds electronics to his taste. At any rate, I hope to have Part 2 up very soon. As soon as I figure out what Chaos did with my Microsoft Word. May you enjoy the tale.

The best is yet to come...


04:00 PM CST.
Okay all! Part 2 of Revelations is finally posted. Despite the thousands of errors I discovered. I hope everything is fixed now. If not, let me know. Go check it out and enjoy.

Off to catch some zzzz's now. Later Gators.


08:53 PM CST.
Hi all! Want the good news first? Or the bad? Okay, I always like the good news first myself. ^_^ Despite rampant rumors that it would never happen, Chapter 19 is completed, and I have posted Part 1. Yes, the chapter is so endlessly long, that I've split it into two parts. That's the good news. The bad...which isn't all that bad...really... Due to random computer lockups and problems getting the first part on site today, Part 2 will not be posted until some time tomorrow or the next day. So, unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit longer for it, but not too long. At any rate, Part 1 should give you a little bit to read until then. Anyways, If you wish, go check out Revelations: Part 1 Here.

And...if you have not spied Darknightdestiny's newest artwork of our angsty Mr. Valentine entitled "Self Restraint", you definitely should go check it out in the Shrine. ASAP.



07:00 PM CST.
The great snowball battle has ended and the snow is all gone. ~sniff~ On the plus side, it was 60 degrees today. Probably be 17 degrees tomorrow. Can't get bored with the weather around here. Enough about the climate. There's new stuff to check out.

Two new chapters of Shades of Green, that most intriguing of FF2 tales by Carla. Go check it out and see what the greenhaired heroine and the stoic dragoon are up to now.

Also, be sure to make a trip to the Dark Gallery and check out the wonderful artworks of Arianrhod Haziel and Darknightdestiny who were both kind enough to allow me to post their artistic works on my humble page. So pull up a chair and feast your eyes on Mr. Valentine to your heart's content.

More soon, so stay tuned.

See ya later alligator...after while crocodile...

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...



09:30 PM CST.
Yes...yes...yes. Finally. Chapter 18: Shadow Dance is up. So go read it already. ^_^. Bye for now. Off to saw some logs. Catch ya later.


4:00 AM CST.
More FFIV goodness. The 4th chapter of Shades of Green is now posted for your reading pleasure. So go check out A Matter of Time

Until later...Ta.


4:00 AM CST.
Got another update here! What a shocker! When you pick yourself up off the floor, go check out the new and very delightful Final Fantasy 2 Fanfic in the Fanfiction Dungeon. Carla wrote it, and you gotta read it. Right this way...just follow the lovely green haired girl......And enjoy.

Wait! Before you go! That's not all! Something new in the Shrine of Vincent Valentine: Dark Miscellany. Iron Phoenix has labored very hard to create the most wonderful Vincent Valentine desktop wallpaper, and he's generously offered to share it with all of us Vincent lovers worldwide. So go get Vincent HERE. Guaranteed to elicit a few vocal "WOW"s from passersby. And don't forget to thank him.

And if you haven't read Chapter 17 of Feathers in the Maelstrom, then get on over there and read already. ^_^

So...until next time...see ya...


11:15 PM CST.
FINALLY!!! Chapter 17 of Feathers in the Maelstrom is finally...finally posted. Go check it out. If you want, of course. A Million Broken Pieces
More like a million broken words. Yes, this chapter is humongous and does take awhile to load. But worth it, I hope. Certainly, let me know if the chapter won't load for you, and I'll fix it up.
Anyway, take supplies. Definitely, a long read. Go enjoy.
Catch ya later!

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