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2:17 AM CST.
A new chapter of Feather In the Maelstrom, finally. I apologize for the looooong wait. Hope it's worth the wait. Anyway, check it out, if you want. THE UNFORGIVEN. A long chapter, as usual. Can't seem to write anything else. Anyway, take your favorite form of caffeine and enjoy.

Catch you later. Hopefully, sooner than later. Take care.


11:45 PM CST.
Yeah, I know. Talk about coming down to the wire. Anyway, despite some last minute complications, Chapter 15 of Feathers in the Maelstrom, is up. Yes, it is! Really! Finally. With a title like BAD MOON RISING, it promises to most certainly is long. So take some supplies with you if you plan to read in one sitting. Food. Water. Caffeine maybe. Pillows. Blankets. Etc. Anyway. Enjoy. Oh yeah, this chapter is soooo long that it will take a little while to load, at least on my slow machine, so give it a few seconds and the whole thing will magically appear. If it doesn't, please let me know.

Also, we have a new submission in the Dark Gallery entitled HAUNTED BY THE SHADOWS, submitted by Chaos himself. Go check it out.

Bye for now. Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!


8:30 CST.
Just a little update for Vincent's Birthday. Today! This update was later than I'd planned and not as extensive as I'd planned as I have some birthday art that I intended to scan at my bro's house so I could put it up (yep, my scanner gave up the ghost), but I didn't make it over to his abode, which is about an hour and a half from me. I hope to get it up later, as I plan to leave the birthday page up for a week or so. Oh well, it's just one of my feeble attempts at art, although it did make Luny chuckle, which is difficult, especially when he's intently seeking to destroy his enemies in Starcraft.

Anyway, if you want to add something to Vincent's Birthday tribute page, whether just a birthday message or a graphic, send it on, and I'll put it up.

Belated Happy Birthday also to my Mom, who's off to Niagara Falls, October 10th,
Also the birthday of Tetsuya Nomura, most honorable creator of Vincent Valentine, among many others of my favorite video game characters.
And to Grandpa Alexander, God Rest his Soul, October the 12th, and to Jonna, also today, the 13th.

Unfortunately, it's about time to head to work. So I'll catch you all later. Watch for more substantial updates soon. Buh Bye.


11:47 AM CST.
Well finally! Chapter 14: TIDE AND TIME is posted. Go read and enjoy. Just a note, the last few chapters of Feathers in the Maelstrom are quite long and do take a while to load up, especially if you have an internet connection as slow as mine. So if you don't see the text right way, I promise it will suddenly appear. ^_^

I'm going to be working on some stuff in the Shrine the rest of this week (I actually have my paperwork caught up until the weekend), the Valentine Interviews for one, so I hope to have another Shrine update shortly.

But now, it's waaaaaay past my bedtime. Catch ya later. Buh bye.


2:30 AM CST.
The rumors of my demise are much exaggerated...or something like that. I hope everyone hasn't given up on me. The "Real World" has been very stingy in doling out time to me the last couple of months. Job interviews, paperwork, car repair, paperwork, the beginning of the Fall Semester, paperwork (does anyone have a match?), and all the other minutiae required to function successfully in the "Real World". Gah! I can't believe it's been almost THREE MONTHS since I've put anything up. Depression sets in. :(

Okay Okay. Enough of that. Maybe you can forgive me if I tell you that despite having to make do with brief snatches of time, I DO almost have Chapter 14 finished. In fact, I hope to be able to post it by Sunday night. (~cringe~ Waiting for lightning bolt to strike...) If not by then, shortly thereafter, definitely during the next few days. So sorry you've had to wait. Keep one eye out for it, Chapter 14: Tide and Time. And the first part of the Valentine Interviews shortly after.

Back to Word. Catch you later. Buh Bye.

Note to the Boss: Good news! I've decided I'm not leaving! ...Despite all the paperwork... Oh, and that little thing...that slip of the tongue thing about in jest, of course... Can we just disregard that? Heh heh. ~sweatdrop~ (Oh yeah, I definitely need some more caffeine...just off to get that now!!)



9:34 PM CST.
YES! FINALLY! Despite everything...a near fatal chair accident (yes, I said chair. I still have a knot on my head. Hmmm....maybe it was already there...), my computer capriciously deciding to erase my file and close Word at the same time, giving me some weird error message I've never seen before,(luckily I only had to rewrite a few pages),and trying to wrestle my computer away from the resident Starcraft addict, it's UP!! Chapter 13 of Feathers In The Maelstrom, Heart of a Woman is actually three chapters in one, and it's quite long. Anyway, go check it out. Tell me what you think. Most of all, enjoy. The posting of the first part of The Valentine Interviews is next on my agenda, so watch for that.

Until later, Take Care. Buh bye. ^_^


10:25 PM CST.
Hey all. Yes, I'm still alive and kicking. Just dropped in to warn everybody that I'll be posting Chapter 13 of Feathers In The Maelstrom within the next two or three days, barring anymore mishaps. (Story for later...)

So until later...Take Care. Bye for now. ^_^


10:53 PM CST.
Hi all. Finally got Chapter 12 of Feathers in the Maelstrom posted. Just when you thought it would never happen. Anyway, go read. Enjoy.

"The Interviews" and Chapter 13 are already in progress. Look for them soon. Until then, TAKE CARE.


08:25 PM CST.
Give up on me? Well, I haven't expired yet. Although it is taking me forever to get over the aftereffects of the flu. Major system damage. Of course, it would be nice if the weather would stabilize. Sunshine and 80 degrees outside one day, rainy and dreary and 45 degrees the next.

Oh well, enough about that. I do have an update. Due to the high demand for Vincent's quotes, they are now up. I have also included the script from Vincent's crypt on the same page. Although, you will not find all of Vincent's quotes, you will find most. I may be adding the Waterfall Cave script in a few days as well. Don't give up on the other shrine updates. They are coming.

Also, I am still plugging away on Chapter 12 of Feathers In the Maelstrom, so hopefully I'll have that up soon. Anyway, I'm going. So catch ya later. Buh bye. Going...going...gone.


8:10 PM CST.
Despite a week without electricity and another week with influenza, which I'm still recovering from, I have managed to post Chapter 11 of Feathers in the Maelstrom. It's called The Dead Zone. Go check it out. See what you think. Hopefully, it's worth the wait. Oh, and keep in mind, I was feverish when I wrote the last part. Heh heh.

Still have Shrine updates in the works. Hope to get those up soon. Until later, Take care. Bye for now.


4:01 AM CST. Good news and bad news. Good news first. I've nearly completed Chapter 11 of Feathers In the Maelstrom despite the fact that my work life and home life have conspired to prevent me from working on it. Obviously, my grand plans to have it posted by mid-January have gone up in smoke. I apologize for that. Now, the bad news. Unfortunately, the delay will be a bit longer as I will be finishing this chapter with actual paper and pen, by candlelight. The Ice Storm of the Millenium has taken out my electricity along with thousands of others. My computer sits dead and silent in a dark corner, the reflection of a dozen candleflames dancing across its black face. Sigh.

Anyway, I've shoved aside my paperwork for a few moments and slipped onto the office computer to tell you that I expect to have Chapter 11 ready to type up and post by the time my electricity is restored. Which the folks at the electric company predict will be a few days yet. I'm praying they are just being pessimistic. Worse case scenario and all that. Hopefully, it won't be long, and I'll be back on my computer with the fanfic and the Shrine updates then. Cross your fingers.

Now, I have to put my nose back to the grindstone. This stack of papers is not getting any smaller, and the clock is ticking. Yes, the power is still on here. Go figure.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Andy and Perry. I'd call you, but apparently the storm has taken out your phone as well as your lights, heat and music. Come to think of it, I guess you won't be seeing this for awhile either. Hmmmm... Okay then, I'm rambling now. Been up much too long and ingested waaaaaaaay too much caffeine. So, I'll catch you all later. CYA.


4:09 am CST. Well, it's 2002. Hard to believe. Just where did last year go anyway? I must have slept through part of it. Everybody been making resolutions? Me too. Mundane ones like take up running, eat more carrots and fewer Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Things like that. Need to work on that doujinshi addiction too... Nah. Not giving up my caffeine either. Never! Hey! I am gonna get some more stuff up in THE SHRINE. I've been neglecting Vincent, and I think he's perturbed...though it's hard to tell with him. So watch for some additions there. Might make some more art art is pretty we'll see. Hmmm...well...I'm just kinda rambling, as you can see. I just thought I'd take down the lights and drop in here for a bit. Say hi and Happy New Year. So HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY I'm going now. See ya later.

Oh yeah, I've started Chapter 11 of Feathers In the Maelstrom, and hopefully I'll have that up by mid-January. So look for it. Anyway, catch ya later. Gonna go write. Buh bye.


Well, Chapter 10 is up. It's called Bound by Shadows. Go check it out. Tell me what you think. I'm off to devour some fudge.



Well, just dropping a line to say that I put up some lights, in case you didn't notice. ^_^

And...Chapter 10...before Christmas...I hope...if Mr. Valentine will cooperate. Has anyone seen him by the way...?

Later. CYA


Okay, I did something I've been wanting to for a long time, but hadn't taken the time. A comprehensive revision of Chapter 1, Into the Maelstrom. I've never been completely happy with the chapter, so I worked it over. Don't know if it's an improvement, but I think so. The content is substantially unchanged, just better. IMHO. Anyway, if you're interested, go back and check it out. See whatcha think.

Nothing else for now. I'm working diligently on Chapter 10, so keep checking back for the next installment of Feathers in the Maelstrom.

Anyway, I guess I ought to work on some of the stuff I'm being paid for...heh catch ya later, and in case you haven't been counting, there are 22 shopping days left 'til Christmas. Or is it 21...? Oh well, it's gettin close. BUH BYE


GUESS WHAT! Yes, Chapter 9 is posted. It's called Ashes and Rain, and there is a lot of stuff in there. All good. Just a warning, it's monstrously long, so take refreshments. Go now and enjoy!

Well, just thought I'd drop in and let everyone know I'm still alive. I figured since I'm too full of turkey and dressing to move, I'd write a few lines. I think I forgot to mention a couple of weeks back that I put some art in the Shrine's Dark Gallery.

I'll be adding content in the other pages of the Shrine here and there as I have time. At the moment, I'm concentrating most of my spare time on Chapter 9 of Feathers in the Maelstrom. That is very near completion and will be posted within the next few days. I know the wait has seemed interminable. Pleae forgive me.

Okay then, I'm headed off to write so I'll catch ya later. CYA.


All the construction signs and consequent debris have been removed in the Dark Literature and the Dark Gallery pages of the Valentine Shrine. I'm working hard to complete all remaining construction and fine tune the interior decorating within the rest of the Shrine. That should be finished soon. Until then, go appraise the newly redecorated pages and enjoy.

Until later, take care.


New poem in the Dark Poetry page of the Shrine. It's a dark and tortured piece, so if you are looking for sunlight and flowers maybe you better check out the new original art piece Gladiolas in Aqua in the Original Art Gallery. Seems like I did something else. What was it... Oh yes, there is a new poem in the Poetry Garden. Some romantic, melodramatic mush entitled Worth More Than Gold. Might give you a cavity.

Another update will be coming soon. New art and lots of words in the Shrine. Chapter 9 of Feathers In the Maelstrom and The Rent House are both in progress.


Two new artworks in the Fanart Gallery, and two new artworks in the Original Art Gallery, all of them submitted by Lunatic. Go check 'em out.
More soon, so come baaaaaaaaaackkk. Oh no, gotta go. Who let the dogs out....

Guess what!? Chapter 8 of Feathers in the Maelstrom is finally up! It's called Leap of Faith and stars Vincent Valentine and Tifa Lockheart. Hope it was worth the wait. I always welcome feedback so TELL ME IF YOU LIKE IT. Or not. Please. Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment when the Turk's Objective will be revealed, among other things.

Also added a couple of new links, and did a few other little tweaky things that I can't quite recall now. Oh well.

Gotta go. CYA


Guess it's summertime. The outdoors is one great big oven. Nothing like being toasted as you walk to the car. Got a new CG in the fanart gallery. It's called Chocobo Forest, and it's worth a look. Check it out.

Sorry about the delay on Chapter 8 of Feathers In The Maelstrom. I am cranking along on it pretty good now and will have it up ASAP. Also, I'm working on some content for the Shrine as it's pretty bare still. Need someone to email me some extra time. If anyone has any to spare.

Anyway, I'm off to write. Take care. Be cool.


It's been more than a couple of days, but I finally got Friendly Flyby posted in the Original Art Gallery and Nanaki's Eyes in the Fan Art Gallery. Sorry about the wait. Anyway, they are there now so go check 'em out.

Yes, I'm still working on Chapter 8 of Feathers In The Maelstrom. I'll have it up as soon as possible.

Anyway, catch ya on the flipside. Keep everything right side up 'til then.


Well, what a shocker! I finally got my Links page up. Don't have many links yet, but I'll be adding more soon. Check it out and see if anything interests you.

I'll be adding a couple of pieces of art in the next few days. One for the fanart page and one for the original art page. So, watch for those.

Chapter 8 of Feathers In the Maelstrom is definitely in the works. Hopefully, I'll have that finished and posted before too many more days slide away.

'Nuff said for now. Off to shoot some pool. Catch you later. Take care.


Well, I now have Chapter 7 of Feathers In The Maelstrom posted. And in less than a month too. Wow! It's called Walking the Wire . Go check it out. It's rather long, but I believe well worth the read. And as always, let me know what you think.

For those of you who may be looking for Vincent, he'll be back in Chapter 8. So watch for it.

Oh, by the way. If anyone was actually wondering, I did make some aesthetic changes on this Updates page. So if anyone actually noticed, I want to assure it isn't just all in your mind.

Well, I'm gone. See ya.


Hiya. Got Chapter 6 of Feathers In The Maelstrom posted. Finally. Sorry about the wait. Anyway, it's there now, so go check it out. Tell me what you think.

Already started on Chapter 7, so maybe it will be up a bit sooner. If time allows. Look for it.

So....see ya later.


This is actually a late update to tell you that I put some sketches up in my Original Art Gallery. These are some sketches of various things that I have drawn. So if you want to check out my total lack of artistic talent, just slip over there and take a look.

Chapter 6 of Feathers in the Maelstrom is nearing completion. I hope to have it up for you soon, if time allows. I need to acquire a time machine to produce more of that scarce commodity.

Anyway, gonna go for now. See you later. Watch out for those spring vortexes.


Spring is here. We have the tornado warnings and thunderboomers to prove it. Well, finally, I have The Shrine of Vincent Valentine up. The main page anyway. The Shrine is still under construction so watch your step. Be assured the rest of the Shrine will be up soon.

Also, RDT has graciously sent me another piece of beautiful CG Art which you can find in the ORIGINAL ART Gallery. So unfurl your sails and cast off for the QUIET COVE.

Chapter 6 is still in the works. Twill be up there soon.

Anyway, gonna go for now. See you later. Watch out for falling rocks.


Beautiful day out today. Dare I hope that spring is finally here? Well, CHAPTER 5 of Feathers In The Maelstrom is now up for your reading pleasure. Get on over there and check it out. Let me know what you think.

Later. Take Care.


Quite a bit of new stuff this time. Just the entire Photograph Gallery. You will find a little bit of everything there. Go peruse the photographic artworks, and, as always, please let me know what you think.

Keep checking back. More to come soon. Chapter 5, the Shrine, and finally, my Links page. Until later...take care.


Just a little update to tell you about the new art in the Original Art Gallery. It's a beautiful, magical piece of CG Art called Butterfly Dreams. Go look and enjoy. And don't forget to hurry back. Bye for now.

I have posted some new submissions to the Original Art Gallery, 4 new pieces of imaginative and innovative CG Art. So go take a look.

This place is still under some major construction (well, I suppose it always will be...) but it's coming along. More hours in the day would be handy. Anyone got some spare ones? Anyway, I am working on the Shrine and Chapter 5 of FITM. So come on back. Catch ya later.


I finally have the fanart page up with a grand total of ONE piece of fanart. So go check out my favorite FFVII character.

Hurry back. See ya later.


Crystalline Sparkly Pristine Icescape. My Front Yard. I finally have the Gallery up, at least part of it. The original art page contains some beautiful Computer Graphic art submitted to the Gallery. No, not mine. You can breathe a sigh of relief. Go view these artworks and enjoy.

The Fanart and Photograph Pages will be up soon, so check back to see what is new there. Also, Chapter 5 of Feathers In The Maelstrom is definitely in progress. Hope to have that posted soon as well.

I'm going ice sliding now. See ya later. 'Til then, Happy Trails.



Just another update to the Poetry Page with the addition of "Only A Dream".

Afterwhile, crocodiles.


Finally, Chapter 4 of FITM is up. And it's a monster. Hope it was worth the wait. Chapter 5 will be up sooner. So hurry back for that. Go read and enjoy.

Later Gators.


Just a small update this time. I added my sonnets to the Poetry Page. And Chapter 4 of Feathers In the Maelstrom will be finished soon. So hurry back.

See ya later.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Opened the Poetry Page finally, just for Halloween, so I could put up my weird poem "Nightmare"

Watch out for Vampires and sundry demons and ghouls.
See you later, if I survive the night. MWA HA HA!


Thing are coming along...slowly, but surely. The Dark Closet Tales is open for business with the first story up. So head over there and check out "THE GREEN LIGHT".

Chapter 4 of Feathers in the Maelstrom is in the works, and the Shrine will be up soon as well.

Catch ya later!


GRAND OPENING!!! PenFeather's FLIGHTS OF FANTASY is here!!! My site opens with the first three chapters of my Final Fantasy VII Fanfic titled "Feathers in the Maelstrom". So head to the Bookshelf and check it out.

Major construction still going on, so duck your head and watch your step. And hurry back because another update is coming soon!


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