The Soul of Vincent Valentine

Lucrecia, why could you not love me?
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There's a heaven on earth that so few ever find
though the map's in your soul and the road's in your mind.
So many mountains before us, so many rivers to cross,
where is the wisdom to bring back the vision we've lost?
Can we gaze with the wonder of children into the deafening night?
Has it gotten so dark that you cannot remember the light?

D. Fogelberg

To Nibelheim comes a man, an employee of the Department of Administrative Research, commonly know as the Turks. He comes to protect and to oversee a scientific project, one which he has yet to discover the serious implications thereof, in the line of duty for Shinra, INC. The project is called...Jenova.

While there, his heart is captured by Lucrecia, assistant to Professor Gast, but all hopes and dreams the Turk harbored within him were viciously crushed to ash beneath the unmerciful hand of Fate. And...Jenova. Whether out of burning ambition or love for Professor Hojo, Lucrecia spurns Vincent's affections and runs into the waiting arms of the inimical scientist.

Inevitably, Vincent discovers that his beloved Lucrecia is at the center of an experiment, a diabolical scheme being played out in the elaborate Shinra Mansion, in the heart of this quaint, sleepy village nestled at the base of the twisted Nibel Mountains.

He watches from the periphery as events play out, until Lucrecia falls deathly ill. Then he makes his stand for her, only to go down beneath Hojo's bullets. Professor Hojo, whether vindictive or merely opportunistic, transforms this Turk into a monster, a new physical incarnation to match the prevalent darkness within. Then Hojo locks his new creation away in an old crypt where he sleeps for nearly three decades, the darkness marred only by nightmares, until one day a group called Avalanche awakens him from his dark dreamworld.

From Nibelheim, goes a man, a former employee of the Department of Administrative Research, commonly known as the Turks. Now a member of the rebel group called Avalanche, he goes only to avenge his beautiful Lucrecia. With a formidable arsenal of firearms and his hidden powers, he journeys into a a world gone mad to stop Hojo and save the planet from the insidious machinations of Sephiroth.

Can such a man, living under the weight of all of his unpardonable sins, ever find the atonement he seeks? Will he forever dwell in his self-imposed darkness, his soul still imprisoned in a stygian crypt, or can he discover the way to break free of the shadows that chain him and live in the light?

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