Welcome to my Photograph Page. As an irrepressible camera bug, my appearance with Fujica camera in hand often sends mobile creatures running for the hills. So I find myself often photographing things which can't run, unless I'm really sneaky. Anyway, I have a diverse collection of photographs here; humans, animals, places and stuff... some pretty weird. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Also, if you wish to submit your photographs to the gallery, I would love to have them here. For more details about submission, please refer to the Contents Page.

View from 20 floors up... CITICENTER
Kansas City, MO
Birdseye view of the plaza from the 20th floor of the Marriott Hotel.
Hotel across the way... CITICENTER HOTEL
Kansas City, MO
From my window on the 12th floor of the Citicenter Holiday Inn, I thought I was quite far off the ground...until I viewed the hotel from the top floor of the Marriott.
Built on the corner and straight up. QUAINT HOTEL
Eureka Springs, AR
This hotel exemplifies rather intriguing architecture, the building contoured to fit the corner with entrances on different floors to fit the sloped terrain.
Colorful palette stretching to the horizon. FLATLANDS
Glass Mountains, OK
A pumping unit pulls Black Gold from deep below a soft mosaic of natural color stretching as far as the eye can see.
Hopping from one butte to another. FLAT TOP MOUNTAIN
Glass Mountains, OK
One of the flat-topped buttes overlooking the Orienta Plains, part of the Glass Mountain chain. A prime hunting ground for hourglass quartz crystals and rattlesnakes.
Waterfall locked in time. FROZEN IN TIME
Fantastic Caverns, AR
A frozen cascade of glittering water, not frigid ice but a calcified sculpture of endless dripping moisture forever locked in time.
Abandoned and forlorn at dusk. ABANDONED HOME
Central Oklahoma
Still stately beneath the ruin, an old house weathered by time and neglect, stands deserted in a plowed field. The lingering sunset softens the broken, dingy frame of this abandoned home.
What wonders lie beyond the next hill? THE FAR HILLS
Northeastern Arkansas
A soothing vista of gentle hills, valleys shrouded in mist, rising one after another to the far horizon.
Creaking and swaying beneath the tires. RUSTY OLD BRIDGE
Central Oklahoma
A rusty old bridge, a relic from another time, spans the Cimarron River, still fairly sturdy despite creaking planks and groaning girders. Take your chances?
Last remnants of a prairie town? SHADOW OF THE PAST
Central Oklahoma
Timeworn buildings still stand nearly erect to capture one's imagination. Built by a Land Run family to settle their claim...or the last remnants of a dead prairie town?
Sweet Siamese Kitties KITTENS ON BLUE Siamese kittens cuddling on a plushy, warm comforter.
Will you quit following us with that camera?! A DOG AND HIS BOY Traveling companions on the road to Adventure, just over that next hill.
What is this strange place?! NEWBORN IN A STRANGE NEW WORLD Newborn foal, less than a hour old, taking in his new world.
Time to stand on your own four feet, kid. FIRST STEPS Pinto Beans gives her new foal an encouraging nudge as he takes his first steps.
I don't think all these are mine... CASEY BESIEGED A disgruntled Casey, besieged by two litters of hungry kittens, glares into the distance as she contemplates mayhem.
If ya wanna play fetch, let's really play fetch. MONA'S GAME Fetch is Mona's favorite game, and she plays some serious fetch with a really big stick.
Sunset silhouette LAST LIGHT OF DAY A broken windmill silhouetted against the last light of the day.
Sky takes on a fearsome look. STORMY AFTERNOON The day grows dark as a summer afternoon thunderstorm moves in to chase away the sunlight.
In the inferno FIELD OF FIRE A ravenous fire consumes a field as a pumping unit continues its job, still safe before a wall of flame.
Fire: A living, breathing phenomenon. FIRE DEMON Flames swirl and dance into myriad shapes. A fire frozen in form. What do you see?
Through the looking glass... SPOOKY HOUSE IN A NETHERWORLD A Negative effect transforms a deserted house in an eerie, otherworldly scene.

The photographs herein were taken by me and belong to me. They may not be much, but they are MINE. Please respect the copyright laws of this planet and do not copy or reproduce my photographic work. If you would like to use any of these photographs, please ask.



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