Welcome to my Original Art Page. Contained within this place are original artworks by myself (don't laugh too hard), and fortunately, some original artworks which were submitted by talented others. So come on in and view the Original Art Gallery and tell me what you think.

If you wish to submit your artwork to the gallery, I would love to showcase it here. For more details about submission, please refer to the Contents Page.

Gladiola buds floating in an aqua field. GLADIOLAS IN AQUA
by Penfeather
Delicate Gladiola blooms portrayed in luminous pastel.
A quiet cove where one's soul can drift away. QUIET COVE
by RDT
Come sail with me to this quiet cove, and we'll let everything drift out with the tide and live in a single moment.
Magical,exotic butterflies flutter in the night. BUTTERFLY DREAMS
by RDT
Exotic butterflies, creatures of light and magic, float the dark currents, drawn inexorably onward...into a dream...
A beautiful and deadly sword beckons... THE LAND OF THE DEAD
by RDT
A beautiful ebony sword, possessed of ancient evil within, awaits one who can survive its acquisition. Will it be you?
Cold stone...warm sunlight...new life ISLAND IN THE SUN
by RDT
New life optimistically sprouts from broken rock on an isolated island warmed by tentative sunlight
Thought...a surreal epiphany? THOUGHT
by RDT
A surrealistic portrait, both imaginative and provocative
Three planets in the sky above a watery world 3 WORLDS
by RDT
Three immense worlds loom in the sky above a watery horizon.
The Probe...ominous intruder?  Or optimistic traveler? THE PROBE
by RDT
An ominous traveller journeys through space, seeking respite from the cold vacumn of a dark galaxy.
Desolate Spacescape of an extrasolar planet SPACESCAPE
by RDT
This talented artist's vision of what lies in the dark, frozen void of outer space.
Unknown blonde looking like she wants to kick some tail. WOMAN TROUBLE
by Lunatic
Beautiful blonde looking annoyed and thinking about doing some damage. Don't get too close.
Have gun will fight. THE SOLDIER
by Lunatic
An efficient looking, gung ho soldier wields his automatic weapon, ready to make war.
Sand Speckle at 6 months of age. SAND SPECKLE
by PenFeather
Sand Speckle stands quietly for her conformation pictures.
Daniel at 2 and a half years. DANIEL
by PenFeather
Daniel smiles, captured in a rare moment of relative stillness.
Horned skull decorated with feathers. MEDICINE SKULL
by PenFeather
An old cow skull on a corner post with decorative feathers added.
Last Chance for a cold drink before the desert takes you. LAST CHANCE SALOON
by PenFeather
A bastion of civilization in the middle of a parched desert where one has only cacti and scorpions to talk to.
A wolf waits in the shadows. WATCHING WOLF
by PenFeather
A Wolf watches from the shadowy trees, mostly cloaked in darkness. Is he merely curious or is he hungry?
An old bridge over a quiet stream. COVERED BRIDGE
by PenFeather
A rickety old bridge, relic of the past, spans a meandering stream on this country lane.
A visitor from the Planet Pinkusia. GREETINGS EARTHLING
by Lunatic
A little caricature of a creature I think Lunatic thought he saw fly by one night. He can't quite remember...

The Artworks on this page belong to those who delved into their imagination
and expended the effort to reproduce their vision in tangible form.
Please respect the artists and do not use in whole or part or for any purpose without the artist's permission.



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