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What in the world is in this place you ask? Well...there is no telling what you might find here before I'm through, and it's likely I'll never be through. Probably whatever comes out of my wild imagination and seems to belong here.

At any rate, if you wish to know what's here, below is a my little site map, hopefully informative, to guide you through my morass of words and images, my probably fruitless attempt to organize things around here. If you'd rather explore on your own, jump to the bottom and blaze a trail on out.


Well, I guess the purpose of the Updates is pretty obvious. That's where you'll find out what's new at Flights of Fantasy, as well as what I've been up to along the way. Usually, I'm up to no good. But don't tell anyone. Sssssh.


One thing you will be sure to find here is lots of words. I love to write stuff, and I write about all kinds of things. With that in mind, you will find three sections (for now) in the Bookshelf.

Within THE FANFICTION DUNGEON, you will find the product of a combination of my burning desire to write stories and my hopeless addiction for video games, particularly RPGs. Although, I have several fanfic stories in the works, only one fanfic resides there at this time.

Feathers in the Maelstrom, a Final Fantasy VII fanfic, is a convoluted tale that begins in the game's ending (Spoiler Alert) and focuses on what befalls the heroes of Avalanche in the immediate aftermath of Meteor. This storyline, which has more twists and turns than a Nibel Mountain trail, spotlights each of the characters at some point, as well as some new ones. I will admit though, there is a particular emphasis on the trials and tribulations of the enigmatic Vincent Valentine, as I find his character utterly fascinating.

At any rate, if you are an FFVII fan, and you want to discover what happens when you only THOUGHT it was all over, head over to The Dungeon and immerse yourself in this longwinded saga.

As I have already said, I have some other RPG stuff in the works, and I hope to have one of them up soon, if I can tear myself away from writing this one long enough.

Over in THE POETRY GARDEN you will find some of my own poetry kicking around. Got some angsty stuff and some just plain weird stuff. Might even be some romantic mush there. Anyway, if you're not adverse to verse, go to The Garden and savor the flowery, weed-ridden, and often thorny offerings there.

Next we come to THE DARK CLOSET TALES. This is where you will find exactly what you expect. Scary stories. This section was conceived from a request from my brother to put up all the nightmare spawning yarns I so love to spin. You know the kind of tales I'm talking about. Stuff that happened to you (er...your friend) on a dark road the summer of your sophomore year when you were somewhere you weren't supposed to be and something really weird happened. Stuff that happened to your neighbor's sister...your brother's best friend...your Granny's dog... Well, you get the picture. So, if you are interested in knuckle-chewing, edge of your seat, bone-chilling excitement, visit The Dark Closet. But you might take a flashlight. Just in case.


Speaking of pictures... Wait! Were we speaking of pictures? Oh well, if we weren't, we are now. The aforementioned...or can be found in the Gallery. This depository of questionable art (well, mine anyway) is divided into three sections. (Three is one of my lucky numbers.)

The FANART section is the location of my attempts to portray my favorite game or anime characters in some artlike medium or other. Unfortunately, there is not much there at this time. I'd rather write apparently. Perhaps someone will take pity on me and be compelled to send me some fan artwork to fill up the empty walls. Until that day, I shall make an effort to create more art for this section.

The ORIGINAL ART section contains some beautifully rendered Computer Graphic art submitted by an imaginative and creative artist. I wish some of his talent would rub off on me. Despite the fact that it hasn't, I have posted some of my sketches here for your perusal. Eventually, I hope to fill this section with all kinds of original art from a variety of sources. (Hint Hint)

The PHOTOGRAPH section touts a bunch of...well...photographs...or snapshots, if you will. Whipping out my camera and snapping pictures is another of my hobbies, and I have thousands of photographs. Lucky for you, only a few are posted here...for now.


Although, I have ambitious plans to create shrines to several of my most favored video game characters, the only one I have erected thus far is DARK REVERIE, my shrine to Vincent Valentine. Hmmm...could it be because he's my favorite? Er...Probably. Anyway, if you are a Vincent Valentine fan, be sure and stop by his place.

And one of these days, I'll put up all the other shrines. The ones for Laguna, Irvine, Edgar and Sabin, Locke, Alucard, Squall, Cloud, Brad, Sydney, Citan, Fei, Bart, Setzer, etc. etc. And of course, Cecil. He's about to make a comeback. Must have a soft spot for Squaresoft guys. Anyway, as I of these days....


Yes, this is the EXIT. The WAY OUT of this madness. Also known, as my LINKS page. Wait! Don't go yet. Gotta hang out for a little bit anyway.

However, when you ARE ready to hit the highway, I have some places you might like to visit. Most are probably as nutty as the place you are leaving, but oh well. I have some gaming links, some friends' links, and a bunch of links to places that interest me or I feel have something terribly important to impart. So check them out if you want, but be sure to remember the way back and visit me again.


If you have some poetry or fanfiction, scary tales or other fiction, photographs or fanart, oil masterpieces or line sketches, scribbles or scrawls, CGs or BeeGees, or anything else you'd like to see posted here, I will be very happy to put it up.

Just email your creation along with a name to which I can ascribe credit and any information that you wish me to impart regarding your work.

Be sure to put the correct postage on and drop it in The Rusty Mailbox on the Corner ASAP.

By the way, if you just wanna say something...send adulations, remarks, comments, criticisms, suggestions...or you just wanna say "Hi"...
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